The Association is not a formally registered body and is only an association of persons. However, it does have its Constitution with a set of Rules governing election, conduct & discipline of members, employees’ service, lawyers’ benevolent fund and welfare fund, membership, etc.

         The Object of the Gauhati High Court Bar Association as enshrined in the Constitution are:

(i)To safeguard and promote the interest of the legal profession in general, and the members of the Association in particular;

(ii)To make representations, whenever necessary, to the Bar Council, the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Central and the State Governments or to any other authority for safeguarding the interests of the members of the Association;

(iii) To foster and maintain the decorum and dignity of the profession and uphold a high professional standard and prevent any unprofessional and unethical practice or conduct by any member of the Association;

(iv)To provide free legal aid to really deserving persons under the Rules that may be framed in this behalf by the Association;

(v)To maintain a Library for the use of the members only of the Association;

(vi)To keep watch on the process of legislation and administration of justice and to take such steps as may be necessary to rectify the lacuna or shortcomings thereof;

(vii)To promote fellow feelings and solidarity among the members of the Association;

(viii)To uphold the honour, dignity and independence of the Bar and the profession of Law;

(ix)To enforce the maintenance of professional ethics, conduct, discipline and etiquette among the members of the Association;

(x)To adopt measures to provide for financial aid to the members of the Association in case of necessity, and, in the event of their death, to the members of their families;

(xi)To maintain good relation and cooperation between the Bar and the Bench;

(xii)To take steps necessary to prevent the abuse of law or mal-administration of justice, and to undertake such action and steps as may be necessary for and conducive to the achievements of all and/or any of the above objects;

(xiii)Without prejudice to the generality of the above objects and for the effectively carrying out of the same, the Association shall have the power to acquire, receive and hold property of any kind, including securities and negotiable instruments, to construct its own buildings for providing adequate sitting accommodation and other facilities to the members, including the right to alter or improve them and to equip them suitably, to manage, sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of or deal with property of any kind belonging to the Association, to enter into contracts for and in connection with, any of the purpose of the Association and to raise funds in such manner as may be deemed fit and to receive donations in cash or kind, for the benefit of the Association;

(xiv)To hold lectures and seminars on legal topics by eminent jurists;

(xv)To publish journals, periodicals and papers of legal interest;

(xvi)To organise activities meant for the welfare of the members of the Association;

(xvii)To impart training to fresh entrants to the profession.