Dear Fellow Members,

        In the last Annual Elections of our Bar, I was supported and given the responsibility to be the next President of GHCBA along with my fellow office bearers of the Executive Committee.

        During the tenure of the present Executive Committee our Bar attained new heights and many important events took place during this period. Number of events occurred during the tenure of the present Executive Committee. In the Executive Committee meetings many important issues pertaining to Association have been finalized. I am sure your willingness to know these events and developments have been welcomed by the Secretary General’s Report placed in the Annual General Meeting.

        Our association is getting matured and we are in a position to tackle issues bothering the members in general. This wouldn’t have been possible without the active cooperation of all the fellow members. The basic purpose of forming this Association was to address the professional needs and discuss with a wider group and recommend the consensus for its implementation. The success of the Association primarily depends on the participation of its learned members.

       One of the important events was merger of the Gauhati High Court Advocates Association with our Bar Association w.e.f. 18.05.2012, pursuant to deliberated and discussed resolution of the august house in the Special General Meeting on 23.02.2012. With this merger, the strength of enrolled members of our Bar has attained a new height. Our membership is steadily rising and we are now in a strong group of over 2500 members including Life Members and Honorary Members. Let each one of us try to enrol more active members in our fraternity.

       Another remarkable event is the launch of the Web Page of our Bar for which we have gathered here today. Our Executive Members Mr. Kamal K. Goswami and Mr. Ankit Todi had initiated to prepare the materials for the Web page of our Association. I along with Mr. Soumitra Saikia, Secretary General took liberty in suggesting them to go ahead with and make a quality webpage. We have updated the web page of our Association, beautifully summarizing our Bar Association. We have updated our website with brief glimpses in the form of photographs. The report prepared by Secretary General is placed on the web page for the benefit of our members. I urge you to kindly view our site as frequently as you can and offer suggestions and supply further materials for the improvement of the web page. Your input will be highly acclaimed.

      You are aware that the tenure of the present Executive Committee is going to be ended on 22.05.2012 and after Annual Election on 01.06.2012 a new Executive Committee shall take over the charge.

       I take this opportunity to wish the upcoming Committee all the best and request all of you to come up with suggestions as have always been done to make GHCBA more vibrant.

                        Long live our glorious association.