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General Notice
1 Notification dated 18/09/2018 regarding direction to submit copies of Judgment and Order passed by Judicial Officers of Assam Judicial Service.( .pdf)
2 Assured Career Progression (ACP) Scheme and Functional Scale to the Officers in Grade-II and Grade-III of the Assam Judicial Service.( .pdf)
3 Notification dated 14/09/2018 regarding inviting options for filling up of post of Protocol Officer.( .pdf)
4 Notification dated 12/09/2018 regarding re-constitution of Committee.( .pdf)
5 Notification dated 10/09/2018 regarding nomination as Portfolio Judges for Districts.( .pdf)  
6 Notification dated 10/09/2018 regarding appointment as Secretary to Hon'ble the Chief Justice on officiating basis.( .pdf)  
7 Notification dated 06/09/2018 regarding nomination as Judge In-charge, Administrative Department (JAD) of the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
8 Order dated 06/09/2018 regarding duty allotment to the officers of Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
9 Notification dated 06/09/2018 regarding assuming charge of the office of the Chief Justice (Acting) of the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
10 Notification dated 04/09/2018 regarding designating as Assistant Public Information Officer.( .pdf)  
11 Order dated 03/09/2018 regarding re-constitution of Special Bench to hear the Foreigners Tribunal matters.( .pdf)  
12 Notification of Revenue & Disaster Management (L.R) Department for declar the Courts to act as the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Authority.( .pdf)  
13 Notification dated 29/08/2018 regarding re-constitution of Guest House Management Committee.( .pdf)  
14 Notification dated 21/08/2018 regarding re-constitution of Rule Committee for all other Rules.( .pdf)  
15 Notice dated 10/08/2018 for Independence Day celebration.( .pdf)  
16 Public Auction Notice dated 06/08/2018 for disposal of some old/broken materials( .pdf)  
17 Notification for amendment of the Gauhati High Court (Right to Information Rules), 2008.( .pdf)  
18 Guidelines for recording of evidence of vulnerable witnesses in criminal matters.( .pdf)  
19 Notification dated 24/07/2018 regarding suspension of designation of Senior Advocate.( .pdf)  
20 Notification dated 21/07/2018 regarding Constitution of committee for Designation of Senior Advocates. ( .pdf)  
21 Notification dated 20/07/2018 regarding amount to be deposited under Section 173 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.( .pdf)  
22 Notification dated 16/07/2018 regarding constitution of committee to supervise the function to be organised for launching the book "Gauhati High Court-History and Heritage".( .pdf)  
23 Order dated 11/07/2018 regarding nomination to deal with the Arbitration Matters.( .pdf)  
24 Notice dated 03/07/2018 regarding re-constitution the Special Bench to hear the Foreigners Tribunal matters.( .pdf)  
25 Notice dated 22/06/2018 regarding Gradation List of the Officers and Staff (excluding the post of Senior Judicial Assistant) of Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
26 Notification dated 22/06/2018 regarding allotment of duty to the Officers of Gauhati High Court. ( .pdf)  
27 Order dated 21/06/2018 for re-constitution the Mini Secretariat for tracking the progress made in the implementation of the resolutions adopted in the Chief Justices' Conference, 2016.( .pdf)  
28 Notification dated 20/06/2018 regarding assistance/ facilities to Hon'ble retired Chief Justices/ Judges/ Additional Judges of Gauhati High Court. ( .pdf)  
29 Office Memorandum for appointment as the Special Judge to preside over the NIA Special Court at Dimapur.( .pdf)  
30 Office Memorandum for appointment as the Special Judge to preside over the NIA Special Court at Aizawl.( .pdf)  
31 Notification dated 14/06/2018 regarding extension of probation period.( .pdf)  
32 Notification dated 14/06/2018 regarding suspension of Sri Manwar Ali.( .pdf)  
33 Notification dated 13/06/2018 regarding constitution of committee for consideration of representation submitted by the Judicial Officers.( .pdf)  
34 Notice dated 12/06/2018 for calling of option for filling up of the vacancies of Court Masters.( .pdf)  
35 Notification dated 08/06/2018 of Social Welfare Department, Government of Assam regarding constitution of the Governing Body of the State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA). ( .pdf)  
36 Notifications dated 06/06/2018 of Legislative Department, Legislative Branch, Government of Assam for Legal Services Authority. ( .pdf)  
37 DO letter No. 12(23)/2017/2017-DPD dated 26.04.2018 regarding publicizing of MDR Waiver and revised BHIM incentive schemes.( .pdf)  
General Notice (Archive).

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