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General Notice
1 Notification dated 27/03/2017 regarding constitution of a Committee for publication of report/ book on proposed "Courts in North East".( .pdf)
2 Letter dated 27/03/2017 regarding upgradrd and modified guidelines.( .pdf)
3 Notification dated 24/03/2017 regarding office hour.( .pdf)
4 Notification dated 22/03/2017 regarding setting up of a Secretariat for Juvenile Justice matters.( .pdf)  
5 Notification dated 22/03/2017 regarding establishing a Permanent Secretariat for State Court Management System (SCMS).( .pdf)  
6 Notification dated 17/03/2017 regarding initiation of Disciplinary Proceeding.( .pdf)  
7 Notification dated 15/03/2017 regarding creation of Family Court No. III.( .pdf)  
8 Notification dated 14/03/2017 regarding constitution of committee for the purpose of fixation of pay, increment and all other matters.( .pdf)  
9 Notification dated 04/03/2017 regarding confirmation in service of the Assam Judicial Service.( .pdf)  
10 Notification dated 04/03/2017 regarding time limit for disposal of matters referred for mediation. ( .pdf)  
11 Notification dated 27/02/2017 regarding nomination to constitute the Commercial Appellate Division. ( .pdf)  
12 Notifications regarding Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service Rules.(2011 :2007 :2006)  
13 Government of Assam's notification regarding rename of Assam Secretariat Complex, Dispur.( .pdf)  
14 Order dated 13/02/2017 regarding nomination/ reallocation as Portfolio Judges for the Districts.( .pdf)  
15 Notification dated 07/02/2017 regarding look after the house keeping of the Judges' Guest House.( .pdf)  
16 Notification dated 06/02/2017 regarding amendment in the Gauhati High Court (Right to Information) Rules, 2008.( .pdf)  
17 Notification dated 03/02/2017 regarding nomination as the Secretary of committees.( .pdf)  
18 Notification dated 02/02/2017 regarding inclusion of subject( .pdf)  
19 Order No. 08 dated 30/01/2017 regarding all correspondence with the Govt. relating to the Judiciary. ( .pdf)  
20 The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.( .pdf)  
21 Notification regarding retention of posts in the Subordinate Courts of Assam.( .pdf)  
22 Notification dated 25/01/2017 regarding use, accomodation, maintenance and control of High Court Judges' Guest House.( .pdf)  
23 Authority for granting of leave and leave encashment to the Judicial Officers.( .pdf)  
24 Minutes of the Meeting of Hon'ble the Chief Justice with the DGP, Assam, Brigadier (Admn.) and others held on 16.12.2016.( .pdf)  
General Notice (Archive).

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