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General Notice
1 Notification dated 12/01/2018 regarding designate the Court of District and Sessions Judge, Baksa.( .pdf)
2 Notification dated 11/01/2018 regarding communication of Leave application by the Judicial Officers.( .pdf)
3 Notification dated 02/01/2018 for partial modification of the notice dated 20/12/2017 regarding reflection of names in cause list.( .pdf)
4 Notification dated 20/12/2017 regarding reflection of names in cause list.( .pdf)  
5 Reminder for furnishing of information regarding updated and latest vacancy position. ( .pdf)  
6 Notification dated 12/12/2017 regarding destruction of Bail Applications.( .pdf)  
7 Notification dated 07/12/2017 regarding assignment of duties to the officers. ( .pdf)  
8 Notification dated 05/12/2017 regarding detailment of duty to the officers of Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
9 Minutes of the 4th Zonal Administrative Conference held at Tezpur, Sonitpur.( .pdf)  
10 Letter dated 04/12/2017 regarding extending of advance increment to the Judicial Officers of Assam Judicial Service.( .pdf)  
11 Notification dated 01/12/2017 regarding Winter Vacation.( .pdf)  
12 Notification dated 27/11/2017 regarding extension of date for submission of representation in connection with framing Rules relating to Revision of Pay Scales in respect of Officers and Staff of the Principal Seat.( .pdf)  
13 Notification regarding issue of Medico-Legal Reports, Post Mortem Report, Medical Certificates etc.( .pdf)  
14 Notification dated 22/11/2017 regarding protocol to be followed for inward and outward flow of papers from the sections to the Shredder Room.( .pdf)  
15 Notification dated 18/11/2017 regarding amendment of the Gauhati High Court (appointment, Conditions of Serivce and Conduct) Rules, 1967. ( .pdf)  
16 Order dated 16/11/2017 regarding nomination/ allocation as Portfolio Judge.( .pdf)  
17 Notification of Judicial Department regarding amendments to the Assam Law Department Manual.( .pdf)  
18 Notification dated 14/11/2017 regarding listing of cases.( .pdf)  
19 Notice dated 07/11/2017 regarding destruction of Disposed of records of Anticipatory Bail and Bail Applications.( .pdf)  
20 Notification dated 02/11/2017 regarding submission of representation in connection with framing Rules relating to Revision of Pay Scales in respect of Officers and Staff of the Principal Seat.( .pdf)  
21 Notification dated 02/11/2017 regarding re-constitution of committee.( .pdf)  
22 Circular dated 31/10/2017 regarding verifying of affidavit by the Judicial Magistrate.( .pdf)  
23 Notification dated 31/10/2017 regarding acceptance of reward/award/commendation certificate etc.( .pdf)  
24 Notification dated 30/10/2017 regarding constitution of committee for Designation of Senior Advocates.( .pdf)  
25 Notification dated 30/10/2017 regarding hierarchy for documentation of ACRs.( .pdf)  
26 Notification dated 26/10/2017 regarding furnishing vacancy position of staff, updating gradation list of staff, filling up of Grade-IV posts in the establishment of the subordinate courts. ( .pdf)  
27 Circular dated 26/10/2017 for counsellors of the Family Courts.( .pdf)  
28 Notification dated 24/10/2017 regarding office hours at Principal Seat.( .pdf)  
29 Notification dated 24/10/2017 for calling options for filling up of 2 (two) posts of Court Keeper.( .pdf)  
30 Notification dated 23/10/2017 regarding nomination/ reallocation as Portfolio Judges.( .pdf)  
31 Notification dated 15/09/2017 regarding constitution of a Sub-Committee.( .pdf)  
32 Notification dated 07/09/2017 regarding Vacation Court.( .pdf)  
33 Notification dated 30/08/2017 regarding Long vacation.( .pdf)  
34 Notification of Judicial Department regarding conduct of case before the Special Court.( .pdf)  
35 Notification of Judicial Department regarding specifying as Special Court.( .pdf)  
36 Guidelines for providing information about the progress made in serivce of notices/ processes/ summons/ orders.( .pdf)  
37 Notification dated 28/08/2017 regarding court working day.( .pdf)  
38 Notification dated 22/08/2017 regarding handing over of charge of DDO by Judicial officers during long leave. ( .pdf)  
39 Notice dated 22/08/2017 regarding diversion of road due to Ganesh Chaturthi on 24th and 25th August, 2017. ( .pdf)  
40 Notice dated 16/08/2017 regarding oppurtunities to apply for outside posts.( .pdf)  
General Notice (Archive).

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