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General Notice
1 Notification dated 21/06/2017 for calling options for Limited Deoartmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) in connection with promotion from Grade-II to Grade-I of Assam Judicial Serivce.( .pdf)
2 Notification dated 20/06/2017 regarding practice of communicating orders of the Court.( .pdf)
3 Notification dated 20/06/2017 regarding constitution of committee to select best sections and staff.( .pdf)
4 Notification dated 20/06/2017 regarding constitution of Vacation Courts at the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)
5 Notification dated 15/06/2017 regarding nomination to act as Company Judge. ( .pdf)
6 Notification dated 14/06/2017 regarding option invited for filling up of post of Record Assistant. ( .pdf)
7 Notification dated 08/06/2017 regarding availing Restricted Holiday. ( .pdf)
8 Order dated 07/06/2017 regarding physical verification of case records.( .pdf)
9 Notification dated 05/06/2017 regarding reservation for disabled person.( .pdf)
10 Notification dated 05/06/2017 regarding Summer Vacation.( .pdf)
11 Order dated 02/06/2017.( .pdf)
12 Constitution of a Sub-Committee for submitting report about the continued utility in service.( .pdf)  
13 Minutes of the 3rd Zonal Administrative Conference held on 13/05/2017 at Jorhat.( .pdf)  
14 Order dated 24/05/2017 regarding allotment of office chamber to the Hon'ble Judges.( .pdf)  
15 Order dated 24/05/2017 regarding nomination as Portfolio Judges for the Districts.( .pdf)  
16 Notification dated 22/05/2017 regarding office timing duirng the period of "Ramadan".( .pdf)  
17 Notification dated 20/05/2017 regarding public auction on 01.06.2017.( .pdf)  
18 Order dated 20/05/2017 regarding Annual Plan for zero pendency of 5 years of more old pending cases.( .pdf)  
19 Notification dated 19/05/2017 regarding invitation of option for filling up of vacant post of Usher.( .pdf)  
20 Notifications dated 19/05/2017 regarding assuming of charge of the office of the Additional Judge of Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
21 Notification dated 19/05/2017 regarding stationing of Hon'ble Judges.( .pdf)  
22 Notice of Departmnt of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice regarding Pro Bono Legal Services.( .pdf)  
23 Notification dated 17/05/2017 regarding drawing of subsistence allowance.( .pdf)  
24 Notification dated 15/05/2017 regarding nomination as Judge In-charge, Gardens.( .pdf)  
25 Notification dated 12/05/2017 regarding calling of judgments in connection with promotion from Grade-III to Grade-II of Mizoram Judicial Service.( .pdf)  
26 Notification dated 02/05/2017 regarding incorporation in the Transfer Policy for the Staff of Subordinate Judiciary of Assam.( .pdf)  
27 Notification dated 21/04/2017 of Revenue & Disaster Management (LR) Department, Government of Assam.( .pdf)  
28 Notification dated 26/04/2017 regarding allotment of Official Bungalow No. 4 at Malibagan, Kharghuli, Guwahati.( .pdf)  
29 Notification dated 24/04/2017 regarding reliving from the post of Chief Security Officer.( .pdf)  
30 Notification dated 18/04/2017 regarding invitation of option for filling up of vacant post of Usher.( .pdf)  
31 Notification dated 06/04/2017 regarding designate as Senior Advocate.( .pdf)  
32 Notification dated 27/03/2017 regarding constitution of a Committee for publication of report/ book on proposed "Courts in North East".( .pdf)  
33 Letter dated 27/03/2017 regarding upgradrd and modified guidelines.( .pdf)  
34 Notification dated 24/03/2017 regarding office hour.( .pdf)  
35 Notification dated 22/03/2017 regarding setting up of a Secretariat for Juvenile Justice matters.( .pdf)  
General Notice (Archive).

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