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Information & Communication Technology

Cybersecurity Appropriate Behaviour for Government Employees of Assam. – (View)

Notification dated 17/09/2022 regarding the Gauhati High Court (Live Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings) Rules, 2022. – (View)

Notification dated 07/06/2021 regarding electronic payment of Court Fee through Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS). – (View)

Notification dated 05/04/2021 regarding framing of rules for refund of Court fees. – (View)

Notification dated 27/08/2020 regarding framing of the Gauhati High Court Electronic Filing (e-Filing) Rules, 2020. – ( view)

Notification (22/05/2020) of Court -Fees (Assam Amendment), Act, 2020. ( .pdf)

Notification dated 18/05/2020 regarding Gauhati High Court Rules for Video Conferencing for Courts. – ( view)

Management Manual. – ( .pdf)

Case Management through CIS 2.0. – ( .pdf)

Order dated 18/02/2015 regarding configuration for procuring Desktop Computer and Laser Printer. – ( .pdf)

Servicing of official Sony VAIO laptops. – ( .pdf)

Constitution of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Committee in each district. – ( .pdf)

Order dated 30/07/2014 regarding hierarchy and reporting authority for the officers in the Computer Section of Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court and IT personnel engaged under eCourt Project in the Gauhati High Court and the Subordinate Courts. – ( .pdf)

Concise Guidelines for Site Preparation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Rooms. – ( .pdf)

Provisioning Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Room in Newly Created/ Newly Established Court Complexes and in Proposal Relating to Construction of Permanent Court Building. – ( .pdf)

Revised and Comprehensive Guidelines for Preparation of Site at the District Courts and Subordinate Courts. – ( .pdf)

Site Preparation Guidelines for ICT Area/Room in Court Complex. – ( .pdf)

Information & Communication Technology (Archive)


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