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General Notice

Notification dated 08/06/2022 regarding Summer Vacation at the Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)

Notification dated 07/06/2022 regarding constitution of Committee for reconstitution of the panel of arbitrators. – (View)

Notification dated 06/06/2022 for granting one-day special leave to the employees for KAAC election, 2022. – (View)

Notification dated 06/06/2022 regarding declaration of Court Working day. – (View)

Notification dated 06/06/2022 regarding suspension of Shri B.T. Lala Sakachep. – (View)

Notification dated 03/06/2022 regarding re-constitution of Administrative Committee. – (View)

Notification dated 01/06/2022 regarding nomination of Hon’ble Judges as Portfolio Judges for newly created Districts. – (View)

Notification dated 31/05/2022 regarding amendment of the Civil Procedure Mediation (Gauhati High Court) Rules, 2007. – (View)

Auction Notice dated 27/05/2022 for old newspapers & magazines. – (View)

Notice inviting applications for empanelment of Legal Aid Counsel. – (View)

Notification dated 23/05/2022 regarding restriction in listing of cases before the Bench of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Robin Phukan. – (View)

Notice dated 23/05/2022 regarding jail appeals received through District Legal Services Authorities. – (View)

Notices dated 23/05/2022 regarding legal aid services. – (View)

Notification dated 21/05/2022 regarding re-constitution of the Hon’ble Committees. – (View)

Notice of Supreme Court of India for inviting suggestions/ views of other stakeholders to the proposed Senior Advocate designation. – (View)

Notification dated 20/05/2022 regarding conferment of Senior Advocates for the State of Assam. – (View)

Notification dated 19/05/2022 regarding substitution of the words in the Gauhati High Court Criminal Rules & Orders. – (View)

Notification dated 19/05/2022 regarding conferment of Senior Advocates for the State of Assam. – (View)

Notification dated 13/05/2022 regarding extension of suspension period of Shri Nur Ahmed Laskar. – (View)

Notification dated 13/05/2022 regarding designation of the Court to deal with cases involving prosecution of legislature. – (View)

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