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General Notice

Notification dated 17/01/2023 regarding visiting the Hon’ble Gauhati High Court by the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievance, Law and Justice on 21st January 2023 at 9:30 AM. – (View)

Notification dated 17/01/2023 regarding nomination as Judge In-Charge, Administrative Department (JAD) of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)

Notification dated 10/01/2023 regarding assume charge of the office of the Chief Justice (Acting) of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)

Letter dated 09/01/2023 regarding Recommendation of the name for the post of Presiding Officer, ePOCSO Courts to be established in 10 districts of Assam. – (View)           

Order dated 07/01/2023 regarding reconstitution of committee for physical verification of works undertaken by the PWD in the Gauhati High Court. – (View)           

Notification dated 07/01/2023 regarding extension of engagement period of Law Clerks in the Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)   

Order dated 06/01/2023 regarding constitution of committee for overseeing the overall arrangement of celebration of 74th Republic Day. – (View)           

Notification dated 02/01/2023 regarding reinstatement in service of Shri Basab Bijoy Bhattacharjee. – (View)

Notification dated 22/12/2022 regarding cancellation of earlier notification related to allotment of rooms to the Protocol Section and the Mediation Court. – (View)

Notification dated 21/12/2022 regarding the formulation of practices/ procedures to be followed by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunals in the State of Assam. – (View)

Notification dated 19/12/2022 regarding constitution of vacation courts at the Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)

Notification dated 12/12/2022 regarding constitution of committees for overseeing the arrangement of Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the Gauhati High Court. – (View)

Notification dated 19/12/2022 regarding extension of suspension period of Shri Rajneesh Bora. – (View)

Notification dated 15/12/2022 regarding intimation to the learned members of the Bar as well as the Advocate’s clerk to keep/ park their two-wheelers temporarily at the campus of the ASLSA. – (View)

Notification dated 07/12/2022 regarding reconstitution of the Panel of Arbitrators. – (View)

Notification dated 07/12/2022 regarding empanelment of 40 (fourty) advocates as Legal Aid Counsels for a period of 3 (three) years for the Gauhati High Court Legal Services Committee. – (View)

Notification dated 05/12/2022 regarding sponsoring a “Corporate Eye Screening Programme” on 9th December, 2022. – (View)

Notification dated 02/12/2022 regarding issuance of fresh set of guidelines for recording of evidence of vulnerable witness. – (View)

Notification dated 30/11/2022 regarding extension of suspension period of Shri B.T. Lala Sakachep. – (View)

Notification dated 29/11/2022 regarding mandatory filing of pleadings/ affidavits through e-filing as per the Gauhati High Court e-filing Rules, 2020. – (View)

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