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General Notice

Notification dated 18/08/2021 regarding amendment of the Gauhati High Court (Appointment, Conditions of Service and Conduct) Rules, 1967. – (View

Transfer policy for the staff of the subordinate courts in Assam. – (View

Order dated 17/08/2021 regarding nomination of Hon’ble Judge to deal with Arbitration Matter. – (View

Notification dated 11/08/2021 regarding celebration of 75th Independence Day. – (View

Notification dated 06/08/2021 regarding framing of rule called “The Domestic help to Former Chief Justices and Former Judges of the Gauhati High Court Rules, 2020”. – (View

Notification dated 06/08/2021 regarding guidelines to attend office. – (View

Notification dated 05/08/2021 regarding postponement of the meeting of the Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates for the state of Assam. – (View)

Notification dated 05/08/2021 regarding restriction in listing of cases before the Bench of Hon’ble Mr. Justice K. R. Surana. – (View)

Circular dated 02/08/2021. – (View)

Notification dated 31/07/2021 regarding mentioning of cases for urgent listing. – (View

New ACR formats and Guidelines of Court Managers of the Principal Seat, Gauhati High Court as well as Sub-ordinate Courts of Assam. – (View)

Order dated 29/07/2021 regarding allotment of staff quarters in the Private Secretary Complex. – (View

Order regarding allocation/ re-allocation of Courts and Office Chamber of Hon’ble Judges. – (View

Notice dated 19/07/2021 inviting suggestions/ views of other stakeholders to the proposed Senior Advocate designation. – ( view) 

Notice dated 19/07/2021 inviting application from the Private Secretaries for allotment of quarters. – (View)   

Notification dated 17/07/2021 regarding permission to enter the Court premises. – (View

Notification dated 16/07/2021 regarding framing of rules for allotment of quarters to the Private Secretaries of the High Court. – (View

Notification dated 13/07/2021 regarding nomination as Portfolio Judges for the Districts. – (View

Notification dated 13/07/2021 regarding re-constitution of committees. – (View

Notice dated 12/07/2021 inviting suggestions/ views of other stakeholders to the proposed Senior Advocate designation. – ( view)

General Notice (Archive)


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