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General Notice

Order dated 02/04/2020 regarding depositing contribution to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund of Assam. – ( view)

Order dated 24/03/2020 regarding duty allotment during the restricted functioning of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Order No. 19 dated 24/03/2020 regarding regulation of Court working in view of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). – ( view)

Notification No. 18 dated 24/03/2020 regarding regulation of Court working in view of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). – ( view)

Order of Supreme Court of India in Suo Moto Writ Petition (C) No. 3/2020 regarding Cognizance for Extension of Limitation (on account of COVID-19). – ( view)

Notification dated 21/03/2020 regarding Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). – ( view)

Notification dated 20/03/2020 regarding nomination as Nodal Officer to liaise with the registry of the Outlying Benches. – ( view)

Notification dated 20/03/2020 regarding constitution of committee to look after the issues relating to development of Judicial infrastructure and allotment of facilities to Judicial Officers. – ( view)

Notification dated 19/03/2020 regarding roster duty arrangement of officers and staff of subordinate courts. – ( view)

Order dated 17/03/2020 regarding roster duty arrangement w.e.f. 17.03.2020 to 29.03.2020. – ( view)

Notification dated 17/03/2020 regarding request to present in the Court premises/ Court room. – ( view)

Notification dated 16/03/2020 for inviting options for filing up the post of Assistant Protocol Officer. – ( view)

Notification dated 16/03/2020 regarding purchase of shoes for Grade-IV employees. – ( view)

Notification dated 15/03/2020 regarding prevention and precaution to be taken for Corona Virus (COVID-19). – ( view)

Notification dated 13/03/2020 regarding instruction in filing of petitions and affidavits. – ( view)

Notice dated 12/03/2020 for inviting options from regular Grade-IV staff for filing up of posts of Ushar. – ( view)

Ghore ghore e-Courts a short film on e-Courts Services. – ( Film : Adv)

Notification dated 07/03/2020 regarding allotment of official room in Gauhati High Court for OSD. – ( view)

Notification dated 05/03/2020 regarding drawing of subsistence allowance of suspended judicial officer. – ( view)

Notification dated 04/03/2020 regarding extension of suspension period of Sri Jayanta Kumar Saikia. – ( view)

General Notice (Archive)


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