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General Notice

Notice dated 09/12/2020 regarding inviting suggestions/ views of other stakeholders for the proposed designation as a senior advocate. – ( view)

Notification dated 09/12/2020 regarding constitution of Permanent Committees for Designation of Senior Advocates, Gauhati High Court . – ( view)

Notification dated 09/12/2020 regarding modification of Gauhati High Court (Designation of Senior Advocates) Rules, 2018. – ( view)

Notification dated 01/12/2020 regarding constitution of state-wise Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates in the Gauhati High Court . – ( view)

Notification dated 26/11/2020 regarding arrangement of duties during Winter Vacation. – ( view)

Notification dated 26/11/2020 for taking steps in regard to Bengal, Agra and Assam Civil Courts (Assam Amendment) Act, 2020. – ( view)

Notification regarding designating the Court of Munsiff No. 3 -cum- JMFC, Kamrup (M), as the Special Court under IT Act. – ( view)

Notification dated 23/11/2020 regarding taking up of any type of cases in the Courts. – ( view)

Notification dated 21/11/2020 regarding listing of cases. – ( view)

Order dated 04.11.2020 of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India passed in Criminal Appeal No.730/ 2020: Guidelines on certain aspects pertaining to the payment of maintenance in matrimonial matters. – ( view)

Notification dated 17/11/2020 regarding introduction of new Category Code for filing of cases. – ( view)

Notification dated 17/11/2020 regarding extension of suspension period of Shri Ranju Medhi. – ( view)

Notification dated 16/11/2020 regarding appointment as the Chief Liaison Officer to the Chief Justice’s Secretariat, of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Letter dated 11/11/2020 regarding extending of three advance increment to the Judicial Officers of Assam Judicial Service. – ( view)

Notifications dated 10/11/2020 regarding taking charge of the office of the Judge of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Notification dated 09/11/2020 regarding implementation of Virtual Court for traffic challan cases. – ( view)

Notification dated 05/11/2020 regarding Cancellation of Public Auction. – ( view)

Notification dated 29/10/2020 regarding Public Auction on 07.11.2020. – ( view )

Notification dated 22/10/2020 regarding office hours at Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view )

Notification dated 22/10/2020 regarding extension of suspension order of Sri Ashraf Ahmed Choudhury. – ( view )

General Notice (Archive)


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