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General Notice

Order dated 16/06/2020 regarding suspension of Sri Ankur Jyoti Boruah, Chauffer, Gauhati High Court, Guwahati. – view)

Order No. 33 dated 12/06/2020 regarding listing of cases. – ( view)

Notification dated 08/06/2020 regarding re-constitution of ICT Committee. – ( view)

Notification dated 04/06/2020 regarding translation of service report. – ( view)

Notification dated 03/06/2020 regarding re-constitution of committee. – ( view)

Letter for Designation of Special Court u/s 280A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. – ( view)

Order dated 02/06/2020 regarding gate duty allotment to officers and staff of Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Notice dated 01/06/2020 regarding Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the employees of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Order dated 27/05/2020 regarding gate duty allotment to officers and staff of Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Order dated 22/05/2020 regarding duty allotment during Lockdown period. – ( view)

Notification dated 22/05/2020 regarding regulation of Court working in view of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). – ( view)

Order dated 22/05/2020 regarding termination of engagement of Law Clerks. – ( view)

Notification dated 18/05/2020 regarding Gauhati High Court Rules for Video Conferencing for Courts. – ( view)

Notification dated 18/05/2020 regarding extension of suspension period of Sri Ranju Medhi. – ( view)

Order dated 16/05/2020 regarding constitutioon of teams for ensuring the functioning of video conference. – ( view)

Order dated 15/05/2020 regarding Restricted Court Functioning with Staggered Roster. – ( view)

Order dated 14/05/2020 regarding e-Seva Kendra in Filing Section of the Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Order dated 08/05/2020 regarding listing of cases in Gauhati High Court. – ( view)

Order dated 06/05/2020 passed in Suo Moto Writ (Civil) No. 3/2020 by Supreme Court of India in re : Cognizance for Extension of Limitation. – ( view)

Newly introduced ACR Format for the Judicial Officers of Assam. – ( view)

General Notice (Archive)